I am who I say I am

Updated: Feb 14

I can not change what has gone before unless I am talking about websites etc.I am now connected with google here but ironically left Facebook. Now without much hassle wix wants me to connect!

I have kept imagery away from this site but not images/ photographs, like the ones associated with www.customprints-images.co.uk I am also aware that if you keep a 'space' between the words 'custom' and 'prints' and web search you will find those but not me. That does not change what is a #print or what is #custom and what #customprints-images.co.uk had to contend with yet is a product of just that. Time will not stop 3d, virtual or otherwise

Trojan Thinking (wix) as well as sharing some material is different or at least tries to be. You won't find any custom lips of any colour here. Even though you might find some material with a lip there, which has an example of additive manufactured model not seen here.

Screenshot 2020-07-18 at 22.56.07.png