Planet Conscious?


Again plodding along with advance in hexatrigon (the shape) taking steps on a path yet unknown and material mania is a symptom in the making.

What if what I am doing contradicts my ideals? Almost wanting to rewrite my own preliminary digital history,

Am I harming the planet? I once used to say that the planet will survive it’s the inhabitants that would be limited.

Have you seen the instantaneous freezing of water from boiling in a vacuum!? Wow it does take some time but the speed of transition is alarming.

Now outer space is a vacuum. Earth has the oxygen.

Are holes still in the ozone layer? Or are fumes just clogging up the atmosphere?

Earth will probably still make it, question is:- who will be around to see it?

What have I or eye, started……? Time shall tell

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Some works have not made it to this site not because of shame or anything it was rather a case of via printing only other forms of manufacturing do also exist......