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A friend saw my ‘carbon base and life forms’ card. His response inspired me to create something physical that still reflected the hexagonal structure which inspired the card , Graphene.

To my non scientific eye, graphene was the picture on the card! To my friends more scientific perspective he just saw carbon.

The result of this interaction gave my life a new direction, one in which the dimensions of space played more of a role than I had previously given it credit. The role of geometry in A 3 dimesional space that gave me a perspective that transcended the page.  Subsequent realizations of the depths represented by words and images and how they fail when what is required is a action or skills of eye-hand coordination. Especially when trying to construct my creation in paper from the initial idea, then several cardboard version ( thanks to local pizza business for fueling not only my obsessed mind but also my stomach) and then balsa wood, to finally a digital version so it could be 3d printed.

Hexatrigon In Cardboard

Old School construction

The final shape I call a Hexatrigon. It had 11 faces and symmetry. I will post an image at a later date.

Between the word ‘carbon’ for me and ‘base’ for my friend, a new direction in my own life was formed. I created a geometric shape.

The way the unseen informs the present, and its future is indeed mysterious.

Whether change occurs due to our own making or from the workings of another. It alters the perspective we have, and if that concerns ourselves for a more informed position, to aid our own work/s, that is indeed something to be greatful.

Space, time and the ability to process what they present is indeed a blessing.

This among other things has been the reason for the time delay in my posts.

Life,  Mi luv yu bad®

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